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This message will have the most frequently asked questions regarding AneIV.

Q : Great application! How do I contribute to future versions?
A : Thanks! First TomyLabs need feedback on features users would like to have implemented in AneIV and we also needs feedback if things doesn't work as expected. If you discover some calculations that are wrong and needs to be corrected or other hiccups, please contact us either here on the forum or send us an e-mail. Feedback, good or bad, is always welcome at TomyLabs! And if you should experience Android shutting down AneIV, please send a crash-report!

And of course, consider the full version of AneIV!

Q : What are the numbers below the medications?
A : Short; Minimum dosage and maximum dosage. The third number is step. How much each dose increases until maximum dosage is reached. For some medications, there is only one number. This is either a dose based on weight, for instance each patient should get 0.2mcg / kilo of a medication. Or it could be 6 mg of adenosine which is a maximum first dose for adults.

Q : Does AneIV have support for other units than metric?
A : No. If you want it, request it! ;)

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